Examples of seatings in our restaurants

Depending on the occasion and group size our restaurant and our "Schloßkeller" offer some variants for arranging the desks. These pages will help you to find the best seating arrangements.

Our restaurant is open daily for a la carte business and provides a selection of tables for groups of 2 to 6 people - simply by pushing the free-standing tables we also can realize tables for up to 10 people.
A-la-carte seating our Restaurants
For larger groups, you can browse this link for variants seatings of the restaurant .

Our "Schloßkeller" is ideal for groups especially, if you want to stay for yourselve, for example, for lectures and seminars or for the bigger groups.
The very large vaulted cellar is probably unique in the district and offers seatings for up to 80 people in the a-la-carte business.
A-la-carte Bestuhlung unseres Schloßkellers
For the massive central pillars only the front half of the cellar can be used for societies. This limits the number of people to 60. If this fits for you, you may find some seating variants of our Schloßkeller .